Jan Oakley - About me

I have a Bsc Hon in psychology, PGCE in teaching, a certificate in counselling, and Reiki levels 1 and 2, certificate in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I completed the diploma in NLP/ Lifecoaching and went on to qualify as a practitioner for the Lightning Process™ before setting up my own Reset training Programme and specialising in Health Coaching.

I have worked with individuals and families, for over twenty years, in my various roles including welfare officer, external verifier for Care Standards in residential care homes, lecturer and teacher. I trained in and practised Solution Focused brief Therapy, client centred counselling, stress management and cognitive behavioural approaches in my role as Behaviour Coordinator prior to re-training and setting up my own clinic.

I am currently completing my Diploma in Stress Management Consultancy and undertaking a Diploma in Organisational Management.

Why choose me as your trainer?
  • I practise what I preach. I only offer training and techniques that I have used and know they can work.
  • I have had Burn Out , chronic fatigue and stress in my life, so have empathy and experience of how to change.
  • I have had to learn many techniques myself without backup so can help you avoid the pitfalls
  • Like many people, I have had to learn a healthy relationship with food and think food, health and weight maintenance should be a joy. This is why I have developed a course to make food and losing weight fun and effective.
  • I offer free consultation and assessment so we know which course will be suitable for you.
  • I am very experienced in delivering a training programme and in optimising learning and support for change, having had 25 years in lecturing and teaching prior to becoming a practitioner.
  • I am a qualified assessor and verifier of Care Standards and ensure these are applied when working with clients.
  • I have had many years of training and experience as a practitioner.
  • I was diagnosed with M.E/ CFS in 2002 following 10 years of post viral fatigue and was completely bedridden for six months and asleep for much of that time. I was very fortunate that my background expertise was in Health and Social Care and I used this knowledge and expertise to overcome the illness and return to full health and full time work again.
  • I have also experienced relapses and symptoms and learnt how to get back to health very quickly.
  • I am very happy to pass on my experience, understanding and skills to help others back to health.
  • I was an Advanced Practitioner of the Lightning Process and worked with hundreds of people to assist their return to better health. As with many other practitioners, I offered techniques from NLP and coaching over and above the LP programme, including my own material to enable people to effect changes. I gave up the Lightning Process™ because whilst it is useful for many people, I didn't feel it was compatible with my approach to recovery and achieving goals and I was not comfortable with the " Lightning" concept. I run my own programme now where the pace matches the individual persons needs and I am free to talk about relapses and setbacks and how to overcome them.