Anger Management

• would you like to stop feeling frustrated?
• Stop feeling wound up?
• Stop feeling is that everybody is getting at you?
• Stop feeling stressed and out-of-control?

And start feeling as if you have a choice in how you respond, regardless of how other people are?

In my experience, most people really want to be better but very few people commit to their goals, unless they have personal coaching to monitor and maintain the momentum. You only have to look at New Year resolutions and high 80% of them have already dissolved by the end of January. .. whether it is new healthy eating, a fitness regime, giving up smoking, drinking or seeing friends more often. Biologically, we are creatures of habit and old habits die hard so don't beat yourself up about wanting to change but not being able to-instead decided to do something about it and get yourself a personal coach who can show you how to achieve excellence and keep you on focus.

Anger is a completely normal and often healthy response to difficult, frustrating, or conflicting situation. Indeed many people can become ill or depressed if they are incapable of expressing anger. However, anger can become an automatic response even when it is not appropriate and at this point anger needs to be managed.

One of the key things that people say they want is to feel as if they are in control of their emotions rather than the anger/aggression/violent response controlling them and affecting their life. Just as with any habit that is been established, it is possible to break this habit.

Wanting to change is necessary but not sufficient; most people would want to change bad habits. Change involves rebuilding our values, attitudes, hardwired behavioural responses and letting go of, often, life long patterns. I can teach you how people who don't have anger issues are perceiving situations, interpreting events and choosing how they want respond. The greatest freedom and empowerment for an individual is that sense of choice and control over their responses.
People say they can’t be any different, but they have tried hundreds of different things to stop but I can teach you how to actually feel different in response to situations that were previously triggers for anger.
If we dedicated as much time and commitment to changing bad habits, as we have committed to studying, learning to read and write, or riding a bike, we would be amazing individuals. Please take the time to give yourself a better way of living and reap the rewards of learning to do life a better way.
The Reset Programme can give you the intensive kick-start to change, whilst the ongoing coaching enables you to commit, persist, be supported and encouraged to keep your focus on the desired goal. It is so hard to go it alone, especially the pattern or the habit is deeply entrenched so I would urge anybody to value themselves enough to do whatever it takes to learn and establish new healthy responses.

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