Depression is an internal state of feeling disconnected to the outside world, isolated, empty and disinterested in anything. People feel hopeless, helpless, worthless and no external stimulus from other people, eg encouragement makes any difference to their internal state. Brain imaging demonstrates that there is a specific area in the right frontal lobe area of the brain, called the cingulate, which is responsible for self connectedness and positive perspective. This circuit is not firing up in people when they are suffering from depression.

Neuroscientists now recognise that the brain is far more adaptable than once considered and they call this phenomenon neuroplasticity.

The Reset Training Programme® teaches people techniques to fire up neural circuits that have become disconnected or unused, specifically the cingulate circuit for depression, and experience healthy functioning again.
Key factors for change in depression are the need to consolidate new patterns, so that circuits fire automatically and for people to reconnect with another person ( eg your trainer). Because of this, I expect people coming for depression to accept the ongoing support, following the 3 day seminar.

The brain learns through habituation and will fire up the neural pathways that are the most powerful and efficient so, as with any learning or relearning, the more a pathway is fired up the more speedy and powerful it becomes. Firstly people have to refocus on what is useful, then consciously fire up these pathways until it becomes effortless and automatic. In the beginning any retraining programme will take effort and anyone with depression will need to be prepared to put the effort in, in order to get the results they want and it IS worth it.

Anyone considering doing the course would need to believe they can change because one belief often stated by people with depression is that there is nothing they can do about it ( helpless) or the belief that " one of my parents had depression so it is genetic and I am just going the same way". If you feel like this it is worth talking it through with me before considering the course.

Please read the success stories to show how people have used the training to deal with this condition.