Faulty Fatigue Programme

Fatigue is when the body is trying to shut down and the same system will try to pump us up or make us feel wired and hyper-sensitive to light/ sound/ touch etc.

It often follows either an acute experience eg operation, virus, trauma or long term chronic stress causing sustained arousal of the Sympathetic Nervous System, part of our Survival Brain Mechanism.

It is a great mechanism for allowing the body to heal but sometimes it carries on too long or continuously.

Even after the threat has gone, the body is trying to protect us. If the fatigue pattern is faulty, learn how to set the default button and return to health.

Learn how to effectively break this over-protective mechanism and develop strategies to ensure you don't get stuck again.

This is a 12 week programme, including full assessment, telephone coaching prior to having 1:1 sessions where you learn practical methods.

There is the option of follow on coaching, either face to face, on Skype or on the phone, to establish healthy habits.

Having a coach is very useful for maintaining good practise and keeping commitment to the end goal.

There is also the option of a short course if you are very self sufficient; some people may choose to simply learning the techniques, having an information pack and CDs without the additional cost of coaching.

There is always the option of having coaching as a bolt on later on, should you decide to have it.