Sabotaging Performance

WHAT IS SUCCESS? Ultimately, it is to feel that you have achieved what you wanted in life, to feel fulfilled and satisfied/ happy with yourself and to reach the end of your life feeling you have expressed your true being openly and fully. Success is NOT about doing what other people wanted for you or what you think others want you to be like.
Reset training can help you to reach your true potential self and feel fully fulfilled and at peace with yourself, whilst the ongoing coaching will help you to establish and maintain healthy patterns for life.
Everybody has a natural ability to excel at what they want to be but often we fail to demonstrate our true ability because many factors can get in the way.
The elastic band analogy in studies of Intellectual Ability offers a clear demonstration that many factors influence success and whether we perform to our true potential.

Potential Ability

A person may be born with less potential than another but end up overtaking the person with more natural ability because they have been able to stretch themselves to their maximum ability through great nurturing and having all the characteristic traits for success. Someone who has great ability but feels to demonstrate their true potential may have had a less stimulating or nurturing environment environment and/or inappropriate characteristic traits which sabotaged success.
Demonstrated Ability influenced by strategies for success and practise outstretches the one with more initial, potential ability.

Whether we started off with an advantage to environment or not we can still learn to overcome hindrances and to establish habits for success in ourselves. The Reset Programme is a 20 hour intensive training programme designed to teach you the components for success and to enable you to practice with support and coaching skills, positive mental attitude, focus and the appropriate physiology used by people who do excel. If you are not in the habit of being in the best possible state whether you win or lose, achieve or fail, then ongoing coaching is highly recommended whilst you establish new healthy habits were living.

Learning strategies for success and practising what it feels like to excel applies whether you want to be a public speaker, do well in a career, excel in sports, feel confident in social settings and relationships or achieve academically.

In the words of Mo Farah the only difference between achieving or not is” practise, practise, practise”, and I can teach you how to practice the right way rather than continue performing bad habits.

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