Success stories

This is a sample of many letters I have had from people who have attended one of my clinics. They have written their stories because they want to help others who may be interested in doing the course. Many of these lovely people are also willing to talk with you on the phone if it were considered appropriate. Please do take the time to read their stories as they are as inspirational as the people who wrote them and I feel very privileged and humbled to have had the chance to work with them, to effect the changes they so passionately desired and were determined to achieve.
Their stories are written in their own words:

The following stories are just a sample of the hundreds of people I have worked with who had symptoms of CFS/ M.E


Emily King August 27th 2013

" I can't believe it is nearly 4 years since I came to see you. I have done so many things since I saw you for chronic fatigue and just been named to represent Britain in the European Championships in France. I recommend you to everyone I know who has cfs."

Danielle Dunn 27 August 2013

Hi Jan,
You were the first person I thought of to tell, I am so thankful.
I really wanted to update you and say a massive thank you for all your help and support from last year.
I have some fantastic news...its been a long road but things have been going brilliantly! Thanks to you, I have been selected to represnt GB at the Young Rider European Championships in Jardy, France. I am just SO excited!! It's crazy, I still can’t believe how far I have come. This year has just been amazing.
Funnily enough the Junior Europeans are being held at the same venue, at the same time so both Emily and I will be competing there!! Team successes will be down to you.
Below is a picture of me and Zocarla, the horse I will be riding at the Championships, at the final trial.
Hope you and your family are well. Mum is absolutely delighted and sends her love.
With lots of love,
Danni Dunn

Molly Sept 2013

" I came on Jan's Reset Training Programme after my best friend Emily King told me about it. I had been diagnosed with CFS and felt exhausted and couldn't function. I can't believe what's happened. I feel amazing and am now at university. You can get better like me. See Jan, it will be worth your while."

Tom Whitbread (aged 11)

My name is Tom and I am 11. I started with glandular fever which turned into fatigue. I was constantly tired, very tearful, easily stressed and my legs ached whenever I walked. I felt like I had rust all through my body. Walking anywhere was exhausting. The doctors told me to do 2 lessons a day and a 10 minute walk a day, then build up. But I got fatigue whenever I did it. I wanted to get to sleep at night but I couldn't which made me very tearful. Until I met Jan. Jan is so amazing that she WILL help you get better.

Linda’s comments: ( CFS )

I spoke to Jan on the telephone a number of times before committing to do the course. I immediately found her an inspiration and someone who could relate to me. Her passion for what she does could be felt coming through my telephone and I put my trust and faith in her. I went into my 3-day training course with a completely open mind, willing to listen to Jan and committed to understanding the concept, theories and techniques. I was determined to give it my best shot – if it can work for others – why not me?

Illness is an experience like no other. It leaves no aspect of your life untouched and can create uncertainty, self-doubt, losses and limitations. For me, CFS changed the way I saw myself, and altered my perceptions of the world around me, and I suffered for years. You have to have a dream if you’re going to make a dream come true. My dream was to live my life to the full and be fit and healthy.

As soon as I had the tools and realised how influential I can be in both my life and health, I was off and running.
Jan, I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself. I now know how the mind and body influence each other and I am reclaiming my life once more.

I wish every course in life was as interesting and fun as a course led by Jan is. Never before had I attended one that gave you a new life either! Really – Jan pretty much switched the light on for me again. She is such a lovely, vibrant and inspirational woman and I am determined to succeed just as you have.

If I can give anyone reading this some advice it is to listen to Jan and do EXACTLY as she says. You must apply as it is taught to you. In my case, it took perseverance and conviction and a lot of hard work, but life gets better every day. If this happens to you – don’t give up. Put every ounce of determination and energy into it and keep believing: -
To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.

Linda x

* * * * *
"Hi Jan, just wanted to update you on my progress. Everythings going great, I'm getting stronger and fitter all the time and really enjoying the mountainbiking again, went surfing for 2 days a couple of weeks ago, playing tennis and started sailing again. We also got engaged recently. Can't believe 8 months ago I was almost bedbound with M.E/CFS !"
* * * * * *
When I first spoke with Jan on the phone, it was immediately obvious to me that although she didn't know me, what she genuinely wanted more than anything else was for me to be well again.
One of the great things about choosing Jan as my Trainer is that she is willing to always be my support and help if and when I ever need her, and I know that I can completely rely upon her to be there for me She continues to support all of her trainees for as long as needed, however long that may be, and that is something I find quite incredible and generous, and for which I am enormously grateful.
So it is the hugest, hugest THANKYOU JAN for helping me to say goodbye to M.E. for good.
You are simply THE BEST. God Bless."
testimonial - Joy Totnes


Jan was a first class teacher, passionate and committed. She has also been there to give me encouragement and support after the course when needed. Having been there herself some years previously she really does understand. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jan to anyone who is suffering from ME.
Michelle, Bideford

Jan is a person loaded with unconditional love, and because of that unconditionality, she can be real tough too, which is wonderful. The knowledge when working with her that there was someone there stronger than me, tougher than me and more determined than me gave me the freedom to actually try.

The words are very small, but all I can say to Jan is: Thank You!"
Roger, Wales
* * * * * * *
I wholeheartedly commend Jan as a wonderful tutor/teacher. She is both inspirational and dedicated - her committment to her clients is second to none. She's so patient and supportive, and I've benefited from quite a number of follow-up sessions - to know she's there at the other end of the phone, should you need her, is very reassuring.
Sheila, Devon
* * * * *
"Thank you, Jan, for your help and support. You have been a fantastic coach and I really appreciate what you have taught me. Some of the important things that I have learnt are that I have choices. I am now aware that what you focus on is what you get and that I can do anything!"
Paula (April 2008)

* * * * * * *
"The training by Jan was very professional and it was evident that she was a competent teacher, counsellor NLP/Hypnotherapist. The Follow up support was excellent and she also addressed two other problems I had, which are now resolved. Thank you!"

Lucy Edwards, Devon


Tinker’s Testimonial on Depression

I had been suffering from severe depression when I dragged myself to the Lightening Process. Overwhelmed by helplessness I had been told that it could offer me a way of helping myself. From the first moment of walking into the room I knew I was in the presence of someone of huge and positive energy, given unconditionally and from the heart. Although I wavered through the sessions Jan gave me the courage to stay with them and through phone calls during the following 2/3 months, let me know that she was there for me, for however long it took. In a short time I had regained my old spirit and had undertaken the translation of a 250 page book.
In the `success stories' on her website the most frequently used words to describe Jan Oakley are generous and down to earth. She is quite simply one of the most inspirational people I have met.

Jan’s professionalism combined with her skill as a hypnotherapist and coach has definitely helped me to make this huge shift to create the life I want. She is inspiring, compassionate and understanding and I cannot recommend her more highly if you are looking for help to really change your life, with plenty follow-up and support. I would happily speak to anyone directly if they want further reassurance."